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Three Candles — 19 Comments

  1. You inspired me to make something to go with the latkes on night 2. Mostly veggies, a little cheating with some leftover ground chicken patties I had made with Thai green curry

    • Isn’t it just? Its a lovely tight ply merino which gives it bounce and a good hand. It is sold as sock yarn but I’ve never had great success with it for socks. No nylon and a bit short on the yardage…

  2. Your canvas is shaping up beautifully. Never did cross stitch but lots of needlepoint back in the day.

    Have you ever done a hat with STR? Just wanted to mention that I have done a pair of mistake-ribbed gloves in STR Heavyweight and although beautiful, they stretch out terribly every time I wear them. To the point they fall off. Don’t know how that would work out in a hat.

    Hope you are feeling well. Thinking of you.

    • and you are making my exact point for why I don’t like it as a sock yarn. So far, as long as it is knit on 2.00 to 2.25 mm needles in ribbing I haven’t had problems with the light weight for hats. We shall see….

  3. I like Klimt. We saw a special exhibition when we were in Vienna at the Belevedere Castle. Amazing.

    • amazing what lovely exhibits are around when you have the major cities of Europe practically in your front yard…

  4. I love the hat color. The cross stitch is beautiful and very enticing, but I am resisting cross stitch in favor of crocheting some doilies. I already have the thread and the hooks. It’s barely worth considering it to be stash-busting, however. It’s hard to use enough crochet thread to make an impact.

  5. .You are doing so much with the cross stich ,it is truly stunning.
    I don’t know how you have so much done in a short space of time .

  6. I have to say that I really like the warm colors you’ve chosen for Bill’s hat. Fall colors are a particular favorite of mine.

    • since I didn’t get anything useful for what color he really wanted, I figured that something that would go with a sheepskin jacket would be good!

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