Thoughts on flying

Thoughts on flying

There are an excess of middle aged and up men on transatlantic business sections on weekday flights. I will just for the sake of argument assume a fair number of the are executives by the way they act and treat the Lufthansa staff. There is a certain amount of arrogance that seems to occur in CROs and general officers|: a kind of center of the universe re attitude where theirs is the I pinion that counts. Their needs come first Now in ones own firm that maybe true, bit on a airplane it is amazing how much rudeness one sees in the huddle of folks waiting to access one of the toilets.

This leads me to the next comment. Exit row in business is a bad idea. Same rules apply as far as no seat in front of you to stuff anything under. Worse, on some of the planes you are afforded an opportunity to observe more of your fellow passengers than you might wish.

Next. Footwear on planes. It is rare to see flip flops in business. Instead everyone seems to walk around in their socks. Now this is far superior to exposed feet on the carpets but still leads me to question if anyone is thinking at all before entering the toilet. Walking into a public toilet in stocking feet – and make no mistake, this is a very public toilet which is gender irrelevant – is not something most would do in any other venue. Why on earth anyone would do so on a plane is beyond me. It is about as smart as sitting down without checking either seat placement or cleanliness. But why should I be surprised about failures to zip or tuck in a group that wears sock ( and most not even the airplane provided ones) into the toilet?

Probably that was more than you wanted to think about with your cornflakes.

Then I would be demise if I did not mention the 25% of the business class passengers who are obviously there due to personal size and not by choice. This plane has been modernised but it is not one of those with acessible loos. For several passengers this was an issue.

I was glad to make Denver, get off the plane, find George and complain the whole drive to Aspen.

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