those were the days

This evening as I finally found an adapter plug which worked with the Swiss outlets….. (insert whatever kind of rant you think you would enjoy the most – fact is the Swiss have to be unique on everything. Everything includes a three pin outlet. Not two like the rest of Europe but three. Plus they are set in a staggered line. Must have rant somewhere, can’t believe I haven’t howled about this before).

Anyway – I am attempting to locate the backup of photos I took for Aeris’ Christmas party last December (insert rant here about having burned off DvD and entrusted it with guy to take to work ….). As part of this fruitless hunt along with pulling together lecture materials for a series on Staying Healthy while Traveling or perhaps – Travel Smart, Travel Healthy or finally – Idiot’s guide to not eating yourself to death while on a cruise ship….

Where was I? Oh yes, looking for photos and lecture materials all of which were dependent on being able to plug one of several rather large and heavy external drives into a power supply….. The DHs flat mate gave me an adapter plug last night. It was gone this morning. Tore out my hair but that didn’t help. Turned out it was plugged into the hairdryer….

I found lots of old photos, including the following – which made me realize that we often talk too much about what our children are accomplishing or doing, but little about who they really are….

The youngest two, captured about 14 years ago.

College Guy, back in 1998

Maus – circa 1998

And it is who they are – not how they are doing in school, their jobs, or life – but just them.

And now the other two will worried about how I will feature them tomorrow…..

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  1. Pat says:

    I love both these posts. 🙂 And you. I wish I had more time.

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