This year from the Oktoberfest …

After conducting a thorough search on their website, I had decided that Paulander wasn’t making anything special for Oktoberfest this year. For that matter, neither were any other breweries.

Now that is just wrong. Remember, I don’t drink so it is not a question of wanting to taste something new and different. It is rather that it is a chance to add something new and stupid to the house. After all, I have been emptying out cupboards and closets. I deserve to add something….

Last year the local Rewe had cute bags and backpacks from Paulander on display by the 13th of August. We were there a couple of days ago. I spotted only a basket of beer. Kind of like the helmet of beer some ships have only from wicker. After thinking about it, I decided that this could be my toy. Besides, I am headed to Spokane next week and have promised decent chocolate to my son who is meeting me there.

Imagine my surprise when rounding the bend at the beer displays. There were two choices besides the basket! Paulander had come through with a bag and backpack in different colors than last year. Both are lined with water resistant cloth.  The basket is from the Hacker-Pschorr Brewery; two each of light, dark and radler in fancy top bottles.

three choices!

three choices!

I am contemplating uses for the basket; I am sure that knitting would be happy in a lined basket… The bags will will travel to Spokane before making further journeys.

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