This, that, and the other sock

This morning, as the first one up, I needed a cup of industrial strength and fast. Dragging out the French Press which returned from Kuwait with me, I tossed in a little bit of flavor and a lot of caffeine. Loaded up with sugar and whipped cream, I supposed I should have looked for something additional for breakfast but my knitting was calling.

coffee1.jpg coffee2.jpg

About midday, I headed out with the teens to run a few errands. As we tramped down the stairs to street level we heard this rushing, humming, buzzing noise. The front of the garage was covered with bees. Above the garage, there were literally thousands of bees swarming around one of the trees.

They seemed to think that the pine tree was a good location. George went looking for the beekeeper’s phone number as our son then reported that he had already been stung three times this morning. The property next to us is overgrown; leased out to a beekeeper who supposedly maintains his five hives. When you have a hive swarm, it is pretty obvious that he has not been keeping close watch on the hives. He just happened to show up this afternoon and seemed amazed that we could not be convinced to ignore the whole issue for a couple of combs of honey. He was singularly unsuccessful in luring them out, smoking them out, or otherwise recapturing that swarm.

I don’t want honey, I want the bees – swarm, hives and all – gone. I want to be able to sit outside on the patio without worry. I don’t want my teens stung. We have enough allergy worries without adding bees to the mix. Tomorrow will bring a conversation with the Politzei and a formal complaint.


Details from Jody –
with and without a foot in to stretch out the central lace figure.

Niagara Falls is complete. Finally! From the Chameleon Colorworks Sock of the Month Club. This was my second month. I started it immediately, then decided to go and play with other socks before making myself sit down and knit the second sock. The pattern is fine, top down, which is my normal preference. Lace, which does not always thrill me. And a seed stitch heel which seems to hold up quite well. I did a star toe, just for a change. The yarn is decent and the colors never seem to run from her dyelots, but it does split some. My socks are altered from the basic pattern (alternating bands of lace and plain rather than continuos lace). I don’t have the April kit yet, since it has been taking three weeks for the average shipment to reach me via the US post.
Glamour second sock started. This time I had an easier time with the beads, with only one repeatedly trying to crawl to the inside.

Tomorrow I am hoping to see pick up slips in my box for April STR, April ChameleonColorWorks, and a bit of yarn from The Sweet Sheep which I am considering for Sockmania. And then there are the socks that the youngest teen would like, the DH would like, two KALs plus a Monkey along.

Yes, there are enough socks planned for next month.


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3 Responses to This, that, and the other sock

  1. Pat says:

    Sounds like you have your sock knitting work cut out for you!
    The Niagara Falls socks are so pretty with your alternating lace pattern mod! I’ve never heard of Chamelion Colorworks so will go check that out as soon as I leave your comments….

  2. Lara says:

    Gorgeous socks! I really love the Glamour pattern.

    Wow! Nine pair complete . . . you’re my hero.

  3. colin says:

    I think I shall say something about coffee on my blog. I LOVE COFFEE.
    The socks look neat-the blue ones especially.

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