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This is a dog — 12 Comments

  1. That’s my sweet puppy! (Remind me to bring a spare set of clothes just in case next time, if it’s raining, right?)

  2. That’s why I will never, ever, ever have a Golden Retriever *=)) vor Lachen auf dem Boden rollend …..

    I love your new work !! What is it ? I mean, is it a “picture” you frame later ? My grandmother used to cross stitch and she framed all her

    • The German short hair was actually just as bad, but it just doesn’t show as well in a photo. Luckily, I missed the whole thing – photo courtesy of Daughter #2.

      The photo is of the Aida cloth in the frame. It will be 75 x 200 when finished. This one is simply top to bottom and only 8 colors which is making it lovely and easy.

      They all will wind up framed sooner or later…

  3. But he’s so cute and happy (says the person who does not have to clean the dog or the house!) 🙂

  4. Natalie’s favorite character is the German pig. Mine is Rosita, the mommy pig with the 25 offspring who rigged her house to meet everyone’s needs so no one noticed she was gone… almost… ?

  5. We’ve got rain, too, and snow and ice over the weekend

    I marvel at how much knitting & needlework you get done. I’d say I read instead, but you read a ton, too.

    Stay warm and dry!

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