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If flying stories appeal to you – go listen to Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase.

Sock Wars III – Obits

Another valiant warrior
Has fallen on the field
No more yarn will pass her hands-
No needles will she wield.

Done in by Bakerina
With weapons of purest spun
She joins the ranks of the zombies-
Her time in the war is done.

This sad demise has proven
Her fear of the mailman was real
Goodbye to dear Arachknits-
She’s turned her final heel.

30 May 2008
1503 PST
PacNorthwest Network News: TOP STORY


The victim was found by her husband face down at their mailbox clutching a small slip of paper in one hand and the package the socks came in in the other. The slip of paper reads as follows:

Where needles and yarn were found,
She was sure to be around.

Socks by twos and scarves galore,
K2P2, SSK and K2tog the stitches she adored.

Then the mail flap fell,
such the dreaded sound!

lives not to fight another round!

The victim was said to have been involved with an international ring of ‘sock traffickers’. The circumstances surrounding her untimely demise have not been fully disclosed at this time. The victim’s husband and family have no further comment.

She is survived by 2 children, a supportive and helpful DH, numerous knitting co-workers who are at this time fashioning the death shroud and will undoubtedly fight over the various yarns in her stash.


Mostly this week I have been reading. Seems like it has been a series of paranormals and mysteries. Since I haven’t posted a list for a while, this includes the last 2-3 weeks.
Lover Unbound – JR Ward. Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night – Kresley Cole. Evermore – Lynn Viehl. Demon’s Kiss – Maggie Shayne. Elijah – Jacquelyn Frank. Kiss of Fire – Deborah Cooke. Night Season – Eileen Wilks


From Suomenlinna, the connecting tunnels from the ammo bunkers and firing slits.
Tunnels between ammo bunkersconnections between the ammo bunkersarches from the other end of the ammo bunkers


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