Third Night

My windowsills in this house are all wooden and too narrow on which to balance a menorah. I am settling for lighting in a safe place and visible at least through the kitchen window.

I am off in a few minutes to a friend’s in Woking. She and her daughter have an early flight to Australia – I volunteered to drop them off at Heathrow. From there, i am headed to RAF Brize Norton for a couple of days of teaching rads medicine. With any luck, I will be back on line Tues evening.


Have not been doing all that much knitting. The mitred squares cardigan needs the front steek cut and the sleeves finished.

1/2 left on each sleeve

1/2 left on each sleeve

I had started one baby jacket, frogged it and started this one –

almost 1/2 way

almost 1/2 way

which I am knitting out of a couple of sock yarns. This garter jacket is modified from one of the Drops-Baby patterns. I loved the one I originally started, but rapidly became dissolutioned when it called for a color change every three rows. With short rowing, I just could not find a feasible way to carry yarns and I am not signing up to weave in a bijillion ends.

and then there are computer games, cleaning, and a lot of work at the office.

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