They are here!

And it is another fine day here in Afghanistan.   The sun is shining and I have managed to round up my replacement, get him to breakfast and start the orientation.

Should I mention that I was meeting an inbound group at 2200 last evening who we finally got, with gear, into their rooms at 2300? Since no one had seen anything remotely resembling food since early afternoon, the gear drop off was followed by midnight chow.

I then faced a dilema – should I sleep for a couple of hours or stay up, considering that I had another plane to meet at 0330?

Thinking that perhaps this would a great time to start on the room, I spent a few hours a few hours getting absolutely nothing done before going back over the PAX terminal.  While waiting, I had a chance to speak with several NCOs coming back from R&R, a few who were redploying and a number hanging in a hold pattern after several flight cancellations.

0330 turned into close to 0500 before I had my two rounded up, bags dropped off. Once again I was standing at the door of Dragon DFAC looking for food since the guys were hungry.

I lasted till ~1400 then went to my room and crashed.

Not being under 21, I just can’t stay up for 30+ hours without starting to feel stupid!

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