They are gone


George left yesterday morning for Switzerland. Nina flew to Barcelona this morning, and I just returned from dropping the youngest two off at the Bahnhof so they are able to make the 2100 school deadline. The dog has been under my feet since I returned. She does not care for being alone and the house is ringing with silence. I can hear the birds singing outside, since all the music generators have been turned off. Yesterday, I had 4+1 all late afternoon and evening. Laughter and squables from our four echoing through the house. Add in the dog barking and Shana’s Frank- and it was truly home.


Before I forget, if you think I have a lot of socks – you need to look at Steffi’s Collection.

I do knit a lot of socks. They are fun, portable, and fast. I try to balance anything complicated with a pair that is mindless for all those times when I want to knit on auto-pilot. Now that it is Mai – I have a short list that I am planning for the month:
1) Chameleon Colorworks – April’s SOM – Shadow, a lengthwise pattern. I am knitting the first as written. But I have already decided that this will be a fraternal pair with the other sock top down. I don’t mind grafting, but it is not my favorite pass time, especially when it is 80 stitches, half of which have to be bound off in garter.
2) SKL – Tanz in den Mai (May’s Dance) is a lovely twisted stitch pattern that ripples down the sock combined with small lace areas.
3) STR – April SOM Grasshopper. The package arrived today. Noah really liked the colors. But I don’t think that he really wants lace or needs silk in his socks. Like last month, I am trying to stay as close as possible to the designer’s intent for the first sock, then doning what I want with the second sock. I don’t have to have identical socks to be happy. And I am enjoying trying out new techniques.
4) MayDay – Sockmania. It looks like a great pattern and a quick knit. Just enough design to be interesing, capable of being combined with an audio book. I think I may well take the LemonGrass for its cheerfulness, saving the Lucy in the Sky for
5) Sockapaloosa4 -Alison did a great job of matching up levels of knitting experience. I have looked at the data on my victimsockpal. She is picky. Really, really picky. I think it is a difference in philosophy. I left the person knitting for me a lot of freedom, they should have a great time, and to knit something that they like. I am not worried about getting a pair of acrylic socks knit at 4 stitches per inch. Emailing with a couple of others, I am not the only one who has landed a picky pal, so this will not identify the person. I have instructions on yarn, types of patterns not to mix with certain kinds of color combinations, and so forth. But I can be extremely evil. I have read her blog. I know what she likes. Amazingly, we have shared a city in common at one point in our lives. I now have the ocean between, but that just lends to the fun. And I have just the perfect pattern (which is one I know she has never knit for herself). Now I just have to decide if I am going to be kind and use the blues that arrived today, or perhaps the Lemongrass.
6) Monkey KAL – had forgotten about this one. My March Madness Group just sort of keeps on going. After doing a sweater together in March, we knocked off UFOs last month. This month the vote was for Monkey.
After that – I am working my way through Favorite Socks, plus I have several pairs out of Sensational Knitted Socks that should be up.

Which is why it is wonderful that my Sox Stix were in today’s mail. I think everything that I had ordered is now in. I have yarn, a shawl pin, patterns, and needles. Lovely blonde, fine wooden needles just for sox found on Yarn Bazaar for a better price than Lantern Moon’s.

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fiber person - knitter, spinner, weaver who spent 33 years being a military officer to fund the above. And home. And family. Sewing and quilting projects are also in the stash. After living again in Heidelberg after retiring (finally) from the U.S. Army May 2011, we moved to the US ~ Dec 2015. Something about being over 65 and access to health care. It also might have had to do with finding a buyer for our house. Allegedly this will provide me a home base in the same country as our four adult children, all of whom I adore, so that I can drive them totally insane. Considerations of time to knit down the stash…(right, and if you believe that…) and spin and .... There is now actually enough time to do a bit of consulting, editing. Even more amazing - we have only one household again. As long as everyone understands that I still, 40 years into our marriage, don't do kitchens or bathrooms. For that matter, not being a golden retriever, I don't do slippers or newspapers either. I don’t miss either the military or full-time clinical practice. Limiting my public health/travel med/consulting and lecturing to “when I feel like it” has let me happily spend my pension cruising, stash enhancing (oops), arguing with the DH about where we are going to travel next and book buying. Life is good!
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4 Responses to They are gone

  1. Kristina says:

    Boy! You sure do knit a lot of socks! I personally, love those blues that you have in the picture, but both are great colors!

  2. amanda j says:

    It is always difficult to be alone when things have been so busy and bustling!

    I have no idea what the blog you linked to says, but you are right, she sure does have a lot of socks.

    Can you believe it, my Sockapalooza pal has no blog, so I can’t stalk her. I have very very little information to go on! At least you won’t have to worry about thinking too much for yourself. I also know you definitely do not have me!

  3. Dorothee says:

    Lots of details can be of advantage… I only know my pal’s foot measurements, and that she lives in a warm climate. There are hardly any pictures on her blog, so I have no idea what colors she would like.

  4. YaelB says:

    OOooh – Ever since I met your Sweet Sheep Beaded SIPs (Socks In Progress), I have been besotted with Merino Tencel – for it’s shine and softness.

    Now you’re posting droolworthy colors –
    I’m just overcome!

    …and I like April’s STR a whole lot more than the last one…

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