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  1. It is always difficult to be alone when things have been so busy and bustling!

    I have no idea what the blog you linked to says, but you are right, she sure does have a lot of socks.

    Can you believe it, my Sockapalooza pal has no blog, so I can’t stalk her. I have very very little information to go on! At least you won’t have to worry about thinking too much for yourself. I also know you definitely do not have me!

  2. Lots of details can be of advantage… I only know my pal’s foot measurements, and that she lives in a warm climate. There are hardly any pictures on her blog, so I have no idea what colors she would like.

  3. OOooh – Ever since I met your Sweet Sheep Beaded SIPs (Socks In Progress), I have been besotted with Merino Tencel – for it’s shine and softness.

    Now you’re posting droolworthy colors –
    I’m just overcome!

    …and I like April’s STR a whole lot more than the last one…

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