There was an icy rain

falling as the Mole and I pulled out of Edinburgh. No sunshine like the previous day as seen from high on Linlithgow’s walls –

The Mole, more than ready to move on

nor clear skies outlining the bridges till they seem more like computer generated images than the real thing

(Forth Bridges, click to enlarge)

Instead we had cold, rain, spray thrown up from vehicles traveling in all directions and close to 100 km again to be driven prior to reaching a real motorway.

The stark Scottish mountains were too shrouded in mist for decent photos and the sheep were miserable clots huddling together here and there on the hillsides.

Taking the alternative route of driving through the Lake District and down the west side of the country, we coughed up hard earned money to the M6 Toll Road in order to avoid the delays, construction, and mess that currently surrounds Birmingham.

A detour to Croughton netted me most of a tank of fuel and the most recent STR SOck Club kit. I like both patterns this time, I might just knit one sock in each.

both patterns look cool

725 km in under 8 hours including the fuel stop. Not bad at all.

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2 Responses to There was an icy rain

  1. Cat says:

    The usual good Scottish weather? Are you going to wear odd socks?

  2. Ruth says:

    Love the bridge picture! And…think it’s funny if you DO knit one sock in each pattern.

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