There is a worse movie

Ok, just in case you were wondering – there are even worse movies than the one on which I reported yesterday. The suggestion tonight (from the Father’s Day Boy) was The Kids are all Right. According to several blurbs – it was actually nominated for awards. The Mole and I looked at each other, shook our heads and wandered off. I finished up my row of knitting before leaving – he just headed downstairs into a hole without a backward glance.

I think at the heart of my disgust was that facts didn’t tract with either science or the characters protrayed in the movie. Yes, there was AF available 19 years ago, so that is not an issue. What is an issue is that anyone who got through med school at that time (plus residency) was not having children during school or training. That puts her at minimum of 30 by the time she finishes training. With all that education – she is going to pick an uneducated 19 year old sperm donor ┬ábecause? I think not. Then the dude says he forgot about the whole thing. Well – to have the same bio-father for both off spring, that means multiple donations and most facilities would rather not use sperm that is 4-5 years old if there is a more recent alternative.

Off soap box; but just saying -if the basic premise doesn’t hold up, why would the rest of the story have any credibility/interest? Kind of like watching a police procedural where everyone is picking up stuff at a crime scene with bare hands and later saying that there were no figure prints of any kind found in the room or on any object. Hello?

A bit later – we suggested an alternative when the movie had been scratched in favor of the news. Sci-Fi? Cartoons? Something funny, not stupid? He was not amused and turned us down flat.

So I will have to entertain myself with another puzzle –

Three Musicians

Three Musicians - Pablo Picasso

which, as you can tell comes from the same people as all my other favorite puzzles.


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3 Responses to There is a worse movie

  1. Beverly says:

    Thanks for warning me about another movie that I really just don’t wanna see. I just looked at Wikipedia’s take on it – it gives more detail than IMDB. What a load of rubbish as a plot . . . It is only beaten by one of the worst “reality” TV shows that I ever saw – called “Who’s the Daddy”, it was about families in whom (usually) one of the kids had a DNA test to find out whether their real father was the one their mom was married to or the guy she had been dating. And then gave out the results live, on-screen. Squirm. Yuk. Who thinks these things up?

  2. Mary says:

    your critique of that rubbishing movie sounds on track!!

  3. Berg says:

    I often get in trouble by pointing out [] how phoney or misrepresented a scene or procedure is in the movie. I get too critical and bogged down in the minutiae at times rather than just sit back and allow myself to be entertained. I am especially critical of anything law enforcement or militarily depicted.

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