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  1. Thanks for warning me about another movie that I really just don’t wanna see. I just looked at Wikipedia’s take on it – it gives more detail than IMDB. What a load of rubbish as a plot . . . It is only beaten by one of the worst “reality” TV shows that I ever saw – called “Who’s the Daddy”, it was about families in whom (usually) one of the kids had a DNA test to find out whether their real father was the one their mom was married to or the guy she had been dating. And then gave out the results live, on-screen. Squirm. Yuk. Who thinks these things up?

  2. I often get in trouble by pointing out [] how phoney or misrepresented a scene or procedure is in the movie. I get too critical and bogged down in the minutiae at times rather than just sit back and allow myself to be entertained. I am especially critical of anything law enforcement or militarily depicted.

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