The Year Turns

I could talk about a lot of totally useless thoughts. And some not all that easy on the mind and conscience.

Sailing out of NJ yesterday being delighted if I don’t have to deal with that particular terminal again. After the connivence of European harbors which might not exactly be in the city to whose name they are attached, Cape Liberty was a nasty shock. Not only is it miles from anywhere, but you can’t easily get out. Walkable ? No sidewalks and cab/car drivers competing for the TSTB award. You could get a cab out, but not back.

I am on the starboard side. The Manhattan sky line not visible till quite distant. It has changed once again. Being on the ground is not the same. You don’t see an outline against the sky driving home all the changes of the last 13 years. Perhaps if it wasn’t so close to 11 Sept, perhaps if there had been even a moment of thought or remembrance around me I might not be so sensitive. Or if it was not Rosh Hashanah.

But life is what it is. I can’t claw the world back to what it was. But I can take a deep breath, turn toward what is important and listen to the waves from my balcony.

Shanah Tova

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