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The year – 2016 – in Review — 16 Comments

    • Oh, I’m planning on it. And all the best to you and Matt in the New Year. Perhaps we will actually manage to be on the same ship?

  1. Ican’t keep up with you . You set such high goals and you just never stop.
    We are of to church and of course you are top of the list for prayers to keep your recovery going .

  2. Happy New Year to you and all your family Holly, let’s all hope it’s a good one, no will be!

    Best wishes

  3. Thanks for “letting me into your year”. I hope 2017 will bring you joy and happiness, better health, travel and time spend with your family.

    See you in March !!!

    • That most definitely is the plan. May we have only joy (and no hassles) from our off-spring and great times at sea.

  4. I wish a happy new year to George & You and all of your family! I look forward to welcome you in May!

  5. I’m sure I’ve reminded you about the old Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.”

    Let’s hope that this year is a healthier one. Both personally (most important) and politically.

  6. Keeping all travel to 28 days or less? May I suggest the north central part of the country? With global warming and all, it is still a great place in the spring, early summer, and fall! And I think we have rea see onably good health care here, in a pinch.

    I hope your new year is full of completed projects, successful treatments, exciting journeys, and an unbreakable support system.

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