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  1. I so enjoy your emails, read all a time or two, usually with first cup in the morning then again after lunch.

  2. Ah now I got this (very interesting btw) perhaps because no pictures?
    Not family “family” can be wonderful….

  3. Ever so thankful you’re in a happier mood now. Please know our prayers are with and for the folks in Augsburg; may that drama have a safe and happy ending. Wishing you and yours a safe and happy holiday season.

  4. Great story. I am going to share with a friend, former DLI Russian classmate who served at Field Station Augsburg. Glad you’re reacting mildly and we’ll to the infusions.

  5. “Peace, not too much to ask for?”

    Nope, not too much. Now if Congress will put the brakes on Trump’s idea of ramp up nukes…..

  6. As someone who spent 3 years at the Augsburg MEDDAC, I had to laugh. I recall pulling Jill in a sleigh chair down to the Christmas Market and taking the SB to go to the fussgangerzone. I am not surprised Augsburg had unexploded bombs – they had two aircraft factories, one that made Messerschmitt’s and the other that made the U63-jet fighters. Just surprised it took 65 years to find…Does make life’s other problems seem petty…

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