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  1. Your kids were too old for you to have seen DIsney’s SUite Life on Deck about (twin boys) Zack and COdie. They’re working class- their mom is at a hotel or a cruiseship as a singer- but their friend London Tipton is a ditsy entitled Paris Hilton (obviously) type daughter of the owner of the place. The shows emphasize the boys and their friends- workers or kids of workers aside from London and a few patrons featured transiently. I could not tolerate a whole shipful of London Tiptons. Good luck.

  2. WOW…your note begs a few questions…wise ass that I am.

    Seeing that you have high speed internet, I have to wonder…does this type actually do their own browsing/email, or do they have servants to do this for them. You know, “I’d like to see a map of Paris” and someone else needs to bring up google earth for them and point it out.
    Are you having truffles for breakfast?
    When they have the boat drills, do they actually participate or do they send someone to do this for them.

    I’m assuming the language as well is different…such as instead of referring to a parent’s sister as “ahhhnnnt” as opposed to the common “ant”.

    Being that you are escentially in the North Atlantic and it is almost summer, have they switched to white clothing, or are they still in black?
    Is it true that these folks can’t wipe their own asses?

    This and many other questions…….

  3. Thank goodness for my high end proletariat income to spare me from this. Smile. Just pretend you are at Grenoble minus the walkinh trails. Fitzgerald was right apparently. The rich ARE different.

  4. I had a sneaking suspicion it was going to be an “interesting” experience! Now, if you wrote novels, there would be a lot of material there – perhaps.
    PS Iceland has yarn of course!

  5. How did you wind up on this ship?

    Does it make up for the telephone booth you had on that ship last year?

  6. So, how in the world did you wind up on this snob ship? Did you not know in advance the ship’s personality? What is your itinerary this time? I hope it’s not a total New England cruise as the weather so far this weekend has been cold and rainy, downright miserable. Ira and I are in Maine and it is dreary.

    Also, how many days per year are you on cruises? Are you saying these wealthy widows have you beat??

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