The Point Cafe – Ketchikan

It was pouring rain when I left this ship this morning. Having had the usual “what do you want to do today” discussion with the better half. My plan was simple – I was going to hike down to the Point Cafe (and yarn and bead shop) for decent coffee, a look at the yarn and free WiFi.

Terry who owns, runs, slaves and doesn’t like to be in photos.

Imagine my delight and surprise when it obviously was still there and not a tourist spot. Rather, it is obviously a local gathering with music at lunch Wednesdays and Fridays. Six members of the band were there today – so you have percussion, flute, guitar, banjo, zither, steel string guitar and whatever else they decide to play at the moment.

The Point Band

Apparently known as The Point Band, they play a whole variety of music from old folk and Woody Guthrie through the Grateful Dead, with a splash of classical, country and jazz thrown in. The Cafe went from empty to packed in a matter of 30 minutes.

the two oldest along with the “young” man on the guitar

Apparently the Band has been together for a bit short of 2 years. They vary in age, background and just plain life but obviously have a love of music.

accordion, flute and the percussion

Had a lovely couple of hours, enjoying the music, the WiFi and a lovely piece of quiche. I saw no one else from any of ships until I was just about to leave.

Actually, I headed out the door for the mile walk back when the skies just opened up. Terry had picked up a couple of women who also turned out to be from the Millenium. When they had completed their purchases she gave us all a ride back to the dock. I justified it on the basis of keeping the camera and computer dryer.

Ok, it was nice to arrive not looking like a drowned rat. And with a lovely skein of merino. I think I will knit a cowl this time.

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  1. AlisonH says:

    Okay, now I really want to go there too!

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