The Only Yarn Shop

According to several of the stores on High Street and the owner of K1Yarns, 89 Victoria St (or West Bow, street names can be rather tricky), this is the only wool shop in Edinburgh. Cheerful and well lighted, the selection is varied, consisting mostly of Scottish Yarns with a few others thrown in (Opal, Schoppel, Haku, Malbrigo).

K1Yarns Knitting Boutique

K1Yarns Knitting Boutique

and yes, it is set into the side of the hill. The street itself takes a rather nice curve on its downhill course.


As for the rest of the day, rather than overwhelm you with pictures, I will provide just a few and add a couple of pages to my images section. These are the highlights – all will enlarge on clicking.

We saw the Castle. If ever going there, I strongly suggest buying your tickets on line. There is a nice little machine that issues tickets and avoids lines that could be up to several hours long. As we were leaving, several people in line were calling friends and family to do exactly that.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Inside the castle grounds, besides numerous exhibits – there are also three regimental museums

and the Scottish War Memorial.

Just down the hill is the Lovely Tartan Weaving Mill with both displays and lots for sale.

Store and Working Weaving Mill

Walking all the way down the Royal Mile,we stopped at the People’s Museum with an interesting exhibit on women gaining the Vote in Scotland.

Suffragate Movement in Scottland

and the Museum of Childhood.

handcrafts from various era

Holyrood Castle and the Queen’s Gallery are at the bottom of the slope.

The Queen's Scottish Residence

with the Scottish Parliament just across the street.

new Parliament and gardens

Beyond the Residence is Holyrood Park. Adjacent is the remnants of an old volcano rising several hundred meters above the plain. Those who have more energy than brains can hike up either the ridge

ridge above the park

or go all the way up to Arthur’s seat

highest peak off to the left

some of us settled for looking out over the city

the Mole taking pictures

before climbing back down the hill and heading to the Scott Monument.

287 steps? No sweat at all

and taking more photos of the city.

All in all, we had a great day and certainly burned off enough energy.

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2 Responses to The Only Yarn Shop

  1. Ruth says:

    Wondeful! My only visit to Edinboroug was ten years ago…with son # 1 who was 16 at the time. I was too sick to leave our room for almost the entire visit. Son wasted his day out alone on pizza and laser tag. I’d be totally jealous of your trip if I weren’t returning to Scotland this summer….with hubby dearest, this time. Should be a much better trip.

  2. Cat says:

    And the screen should just have turned bright green – I am sooooooo envious. Should have sent you around to the Edinburgh Bookshop (friend of mine owns it) and the National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland ( some Shetland lace knitting should still be on display there).

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