The Luggage

The Luggage

Ok, I give in. I quit. I now fully understand why people want luggage with four wheels rather than two.

You know what I am talking about it? The two wheel vs four wheel luggage controversy. I have always loved my luggage.  I have good luggage with excellent in-line skate wheels that manage just about any surface and pulls quite smoothly. I have never been impressed with those suitcases with wheels on each of four corners skittering alongside their owner like The Luggage.

You do know The Luggage? If you don’t I suggest you start reading Terry Prachett’s Diskworld series from the beginning. Not completely sure, but The Luggage (which he based on seeing an uncoordinated suitcase driving it’s pusher completely and totally barking mad in an airport) skitters along on multiple feet. We will not even get into the fact that it might just be sentient or has been known to eat things.

Back to luggage. Two wheels move smoothly and cleanly. Four wheels are closer to the challenges of shopping carts and are more difficult on uneven surfaces. What none of this mentions is that two wheel suitcases are towed. Towing puts the weight of the suitcase on the hand, arm, shoulder and back of the victim. Not an issue with a light suitcase, but a serious issue with a 26″ case that is close to the allowable airline limit of 23 kg if the distance to be traveled is more than a block or three. Or kilometer. Or up a fairly long hill after a hike from where you couldn’t find a shuttle bus stop to a cruise terminal.

In comparison, a four wheel suitcase travels next to you, heeling at your side like a well trained dog. You can’t walk all that fast and there are issues with uneven surfaces and paving stones secondary to the wheel size. I suspect that there might be issues related to weight, but they are going to be different. You may still have to push or pull, but it would be an angular force without having to support kilos worth of stuff at the same time.

Since the Eldest has made this journey with four wheels rather than two – I probably should go and get her opinion. But that might just shatter my little bubble on this lovely sea day.

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