The kitty came back

I thought I would start with one of the two major events of yesterday, then move on from there.

The Youngest is changing her internet provider. They had to come to the house to install the new connector and provide the hard wired drop & router.

So far so good? There were also some travel plans involved so I had promised to come over and oversee whatever if the installation wasn’t completed by the time she had to leave. When I arrived the dude was hard at work and Maus had just finished packing.  Ok – with me so far? She decides to give the cat some treats prior to going out the door. The plan is for me to stay till the install is complete, then lock up.

Cat? No response to rattling the treat box. Now remember, this is the cat who was waking me up at 0430-0500 to ensure that he was fed at 0600 on the nose. Followed by check-ins every three hours to get some snacks, food, or treats. Not responding to rattling Greenie Box? Very concerning.  We check the house – no sign of the cat. She has to leave to make her flight.

I go through the house again. Heading to the garage – I find the door to the garage open. The garage door is open, the side door is open. I talk to the installer – mention that the house door HAS to be shut. He says ok. I am not sure we communicated. I double check while he is inside again hooking up the router. Once again, the door is open. I shut it. Five minutes later, it is open. AGAIN!

Finally, he is finished and leaves. I shut the large garage door after taking a turn around the nearest houses, the back garden, the side area and rechecking closets in the house. No cat. Dropping some kibble in his dish, I headed for the living room.

I hear crunching. Guess who has made an appearance. I have no clue where he was or how long he was “gone.” I sent the above picture to Miriam. Tears were averted. Rather than leave right away, I finished listening to UCSF Grand Rounds over Zoom with company

Since I was apparently approved as an alternate acceptable person. And then he slept after such a hard morning.

I am almost sorry that I don’t have him for the time she is traveling. Not completely, but still….

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