The joys of four languages

When, a long time ago – let us say a decade or so when I spent a fair amount of time cursing in the Mediterranean – all of us passengers could be treated to hearing the same ship announcements in German, Spanish, French, English, and Italian. This morning Edelweiss Airlines skipped the Spanish.

This particular 2 engine jet was at an outer parking position. By the time the second bus load of people managed to get themselves on, sorted, and seated we missed our take-off window and were delayed by 30 minutes. Since I have a huge amount of time in which to change plans in Zürich, it wasn’t a problem for me. Other than the young woman next to me, I didn’t see another masked individual on the plane. I had decided that I had already done enough damage by sharing my “whatever the hell it is” that I picked up on the Symphony/on a flight/in the Netherlands/somewhere with Beverly that I didn’t need to add more misery to my or anyone else’s existence.

I had a lovely river view followed by coastal view on take off before, no surprise, being swallowed up by clouds. Not a break in sight till we were within approach distance to Zürich. At that point, it felt like decades gone by with IFR. We sailed along above the landscape with the ability to “I fly rivers, roads, rails” which was the joke for most chopper flights in Germany, the Balkans and places in between… which was actually more properly known as VFR (visual).

—————– >-8 ————

insert hanging out at the airport from landing ~1000 through to 1930. And yes the flight was significantly late departing. After changing from A63 -> A82 -> A66. Hint – none are next to each other …

—————– 8-< ———

And it was a bus back from the screaming baby flight to the Lisbon Airport. Far end of the terminal to baggage claim. To the last bag off. To the taxi to the hotel.

I am wiped.

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