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  1. While man continues to fight for power, be it in the form of oil or ego, no fairy will risk having it’s wings blown off. It is safer to pretend to help in ‘safe’ zones. Oops! They don’t really exist because man is still there as well!
    Take my best wishes, my wish for your safety and happiness, take one day at a time. Who knows, perhaps that fairy has found a place on your shoulder after all.

  2. this totally reminds me of the truly stupid video hubby (a CT/MRI tech) keeps playing for me…”this is totally stupid…are you sure you are not a moron? You ARE a moron! ” This is essentially part of a conversation between two medical people who should understand all the facts. Not a fairy…a gremlin!

  3. Warning…the reason werewolves are on the rise is simple…, Silver is approaching an all time $high$ worldwide, so since it’s so expensive to get rid of them, their population is exploding….beware!!! This is also why we see virtually nothing of the Lone Ranger any longer…he can’t afford the ammo!!!

  4. MRI in an operational theater is a bad idea. CT good. MRI too complex.

    FYI the Fae are not always happy pleasent little beings in older literature. They were the source of mischief and confusion. Some even argue that the modern concept of an “angle” stems from the Fae myths. They were agents for both good and evil… One man’s good idea is another’s pain. How many bad plans come from GO staff’s only to be inflicted on the world around them?

  5. No, it is probably not a fairy, it is probably a pork barrel idea of a congress person who has an MRI-building company in his district. Sorry, I guess we call these Ear-Marks not pork barrels now.

    Lemon juice will not work on congress people with Ear Marks. Neither will logic, because a secondary effect of Ear Marks is like a brain force shield or something.

  6. It sounds like there is someone out there who would make lots and lots of dinero by selling the MRI to the military, installing it and running it, etc. etc. The part about metal in the body is really scary…wouldn’t an MRI kill a person with some metal inside? Aren’t these the people who sold the military the million dollar toilet seats? Wow.

  7. I really enjoyed your notes about the MRI on base. As we have endured shouting matches over the new health care bill–is it the first step toward a better system, a first step toward socialism, a giant cave in to the insurance industry or a massive infringement on our constitutional freedoms–I have not heard enough people question how we spend our medical dollars rather than just who we allow to spend them for us. People love the idea of shiny new tools, tools that, no doubt, have great uses, but even shiny and new, aren’t always the best tool for the job

  8. I can think of a couple of things: 1. Say that you don’t believe in fairies (and hopefully the good idea fairy will be the one that drops dead). 2. Figure out who keeps proposing this nonsense and get them out there to Bagram so they can see how totally impractical the idea is (any busy trauma unit should work equally well).

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