The England Contingent – Speyer

I have the next two days off – and I am more than ready to relax and host people.

So of course, since I promised to pick up Colin and John at 0900 everything conspired against me. It was the usual stuff (keys, wallet, fuel for the car). Normally when I am doing things by myself I am punctual to early. Naturally it means that I wind up late for out of town company.

Picking them up in Mannheim- we headed to Speyer. (English Tourist Information here.) It is a lovely old town with the usual famous cathedral and the Pfalz Historical Museum. The accessibility is there, it is just a bit awkward. (Bell at a side door drill). Their regular collection is not bad – I love looking at 1600-1800+ handmade furniture – and they have a decent Recovery Section about the area immediately after WWII. But the current gem is an exhibit on Attila and the Huns. And I do mean gems. The exhibit goes through the historical period complete with clothing, physiotyping, yurts, traveling wagons and jewelry. Lots of shiny as my daughters would say. Pick your language and take a look at the collection, it was fascinating.

With great weather, we had lunch in a cafe’s outdoor era right near the Cathedral, then wandered a bit before heading to my house. Several other knitters from the local area came to join us for what turned out to be potluck munchies and a rather late evening of knitting chat. John held up fairly well, especially since he is not a knitter.


It was a bit late when I finally returned them to their hotel in Mannheim with a promise to be better about rescuing them in the morning.


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  1. colin says:

    Both John and I had a wonderful time, made so easy and enjoyable by you. No we are not being polite. The trip was so good. It was relaxing to be taken care of and you did that very well and showed us interesting places and things.
    To top it all, you gave good rationalisation for buying sock yarn….

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