The Boys are back

which is not great for the garden but certainly better than talking about the lack of Oakland’s pitching performance for the last three games. Shall I just leave that bit with “Cub’s have pitchers” and the A’s just couldn’t manage to get on base?

I’d like to think they have a chance against the Orioles, but I am not holding my breath. Going to the game tonight, yes. But not expecting anything for the performance….

Back to the boys who have been hanging out for day after day after day. Totally destroyed my lime tree along with beating down a patch through the landscaping on the hill. “We are not amused” even though they look quite at home.

and now there are three

and now there are three

taking a break

taking a break

doesn't he look comfortable?

doesn’t he look comfortable?

George went through his entire pile of small stones next to the door, managing to hit one of them a couple of times. Means that they left for oh, let us say about 15 minutes before they came back and settled in again. We don’t feed them. These three boys do look fairly healthy which doesn’t mean a thing as far as ticks or Lyme disease. The only thing I have noticed so far is that they don’t seem to like the laundry rack. So out it went with a couple of large RCCL towels flapping in the breeze…

(and before you ask – yes, we have tried just about every imaginable spray to no avail. They like munching on my plants….

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13 Responses to The Boys are back

  1. Vicki says:

    They look beautiful though. Don’t they have a fear of people?

    • Holly says:

      No – these dudes will walk down the middle of the road. If you toss stones or yell and scream they will leave. Until you go away, then they come back….

  2. Cheryl says:

    Have you considered a dog? I have been using granules called Repel-All ( from Lowes) that has done well for at least keeping rabbits and armadillos out of the garden.

    • Cheryl says:

      Actually, our daughter and son-in-law will be staying with us starting this fall while she heads back to school. They come complete with a golden retriever and a german pointer… Both think deer are just wonderful – to chase….

  3. Mary says:

    Get Irish Spring Soap – they hate the smell. ?
    I know you’ll have to replace it but if you rub it on the boundary fence and hang it from branches, it should keep them out. …. Or so I’ve been told!

  4. Chere says:

    My last 3 words on the subject: highly aromatic plants. I have a few more rosemary and lavender each year, strategic deployed around the most attractive and vulnerable others, i.e. rose of sharon.

    Seems to help, from our high count of 22 six years ago to 3 this year (SO far, of course.)

    • Holly says:

      I’m thinking your friend the bow-n-arrow hunter might have been a help as well. Issue here, of course, is that succulents do best due to elevation and lack of water…

  5. Colin says:

    Have you tried .308 spray? Or .223 spray? Maybe 9mm.

    Back here in Minnesoooota I’ve pretty much given up. I use 6′ fences around young trees. Otherwise it’s hopeless.

    I hope my advice helps!

  6. Holly says:

    Don’t have any of those available. About to go to high chickenwire decorated with flapping strips of cloth…

  7. Chere says:

    I have shrubs and trees at all heights so when they came in large numbers it was easy to tell
    how high the critters could reach and saved some pruning- if I’d wanted that level of shape…..

    Brad has threatened to get me a Paintball gun in the past, but we really don’t have enough
    damage to do anything, at least until another deer “Starving Time” comes.

    • Holly says:

      Paintball gun – now that seems like a fun idea! Of course, some animal rights person will then get upset about “toxic chemicals” used on the poor deer!

  8. Carmen says:

    Oh, and the only way I’ve ever heard you can effectively exclude deer is with fencing.

    • Holly says:

      physical barriers work best, but it will not be great for our enjoyment of the garden. OTOH, it is not like I want to sponsor the deer highway that has developed from our back line through our garden, across the driveway and down the hill next to the garage….

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