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    • The really cool thing about time zones is that I can get wonderful replies from Australia, Germany, England, Paris when I can’t sleep at 0130 in the morning. By the time I have answered everyone, I’ve settled down. Doesn’t mean I will sleep but certainly have clarified the whinging and gotten over it. Thanks for being one of my middle of the nighters (well, I’m on GMT-8)

  1. You are amazing and I am quite sure that everyone is glad you are relaying your story because: (pick one). A). George is probably snoring a lot; B). Friends want to be there in some form to help, even if only in virtual form; C). It is therapeutic to talk about it.

    sending positive thinking from a rainy Paris… even though the forecast was for sun.

    • Ooh. Paris. I might rather be there even if it is raining. Somehow rain in Paris sounds better than rain in California. [reference – Hammond’s Song – 1972]

  2. Oh! God Holly your sense of humour just cracks me up!! I loved the close on your last email… I just burst out laughing, so very Holly.

    If I was in SF, you know I’d be driving you to your appointment right? I wish you well, dear friend… just ride the thing through.

  3. Sorry to hear that you are going through all of this – which will hopefully have a very good outcome so it will all be worth it. I’m really pleased that you are getting such a good standard of care.

    What you are going through puts my problems into perspective. I am thinking of you and wishing you the very best for a successful course of treatment.

    • Advice from a doc – don’t depend on us for good answers to questions and follow up care, especially the surgeons. Nurses are wonderful and understand patients a lot better. I was impressed that George and I were given full follow up information prior to the procedure. Can’t complain that drugs fogged my brain….

  4. I always like to read whatever you have to tell … no matter if it is funny, sad, or just because George is snoring and you can’t talk to him right now *:"> errötend

    Hugs and greetings from Germany

  5. I wish there was some witty, comment I could send to you to make some of the challenges in your life disappear, but there isn’t, so I will share that I will continue to pray for a speedy remission for you and you will soon be traveling and writing such fun blogs to read. Vicki

    • Actually, just hearing from friends and knowing they are ok and having a fine time does wonders for me.

  6. Sounds like yesterday went well. I sympathize with you not wanting to drive into SF; I feel that way about NY. Maybe George can drive you?

    What do the docs do today? Good luck.

    • Oh, no question George is driving. Both because he doesn’t mind, and also so he is sure that I actually make it…

  7. and I am just reserving the right to whine off and again. Knowing there are people listening does help!

  8. quote: “Air Force hires good people.” end of quote.

    Holly—–I told you already on Splendour……..


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