That is done

Driving the slow way back, Ms Copper and I wound up driving through both Oxford (English architecture is clearly recognizable, especially the chimneys)
and the countryside around Reading.
the country side near Reading, just before the rain started
We should have been packing this evening. She was a bit more interested in checking email.
Ms Copper staying warm
I made progress on the vest

only the ribbings left, here the first armhole

and Tubey. My method on the latter is simply to unravel from one sweater and knit it onto the next, changing only to come up with complete rounds.

Unraveling from one to knit to the other

Now my only panic is related to Round 3 of Sock Madness. The next release will be Thursday night. At least there is free WiFi at the hotel. But for some reason, probably just to torment me, this round will be the lace yarn socks.

I don’t have any lace yarn. Not here, and I don’t think in Germany. I have put out a couple of panicked feelers – maybe someone in MN has lace weight? I don’t mind being knocked out of competition because someone else knits better and faster. But because the yarn I ordered isn’t here?



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  1. Deb says:

    Did you get the message? Cathy-Cate (from Wisconsin, Ravelry ID) will be able to fill your laceweight order. She apparently has plenty to spare– and will be joining us Thursday night in St. Paul.

    Start breathing. It’s going to be o.k. 🙂

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