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  1. What a gorgeous pattern. It looks very intricate. And the colour is lovely. 🙂

    I worry that my pal will find her socks via the Pligg, too, but they won’t know 100% for sure til they get the package. So there’s still the element of surprise!

  2. Wow, those socks look lovely. They make me ashamed of complaining about how many cables there are on my socks. I think that the amount of ribbing sounds about right–it’s probably just the right amount to keep the socks up without being too tight!

  3. Oohs of appreciation for handsome sockliness and enticing cheesecake-liness.
    We’ll be at the in-laws for Shavuot, thus no cheesecake baking at Chez MomMyth this time around.

    I’m hooked on Merino Tencel, because of you! Received some handpainted MeriTen niceness from localneedle.com, more from spinningbunny.com (near Ithaca!), and am anticipating skeins from The Sweet Sheep.

    Do you have any insights as to where to seek comfortable sock knitting length (would that be 5″/12 cm ?) dpns in sizes 1mm, 1.5mm, 1.75 mm? I’m a verra loose gauge knitter, and usually have to go down several increments to get gauge.

    DH is a big Eurovision fan. We watch the videos as soon as they come out, and show them to the littles. All the kids liked Lordi and Severina (Moja Stickla) last year. Actually, they had quite a few faves last year. This year was less impressive, from a musical point of view.
    We like TipX – they’re popular here in Israel – and we like “Push the Button”. The music is definitely an aquired local taste. We still don’t get how the blatantly sexual objectification messages in some of the other entries are more acceptable than the content of “Push the Button”…

    Serbia was good. Weird staging.

    Happy 40th Jerusalem ReUnification Day!

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