Terminal B – Lufthansa Lounge

As you might not be surprised – I am sitting at my computer in the Lufthansa Lounge at Frankfurt. It just happens to be in Terminal B this time rather than Z. But then I am headed to Heathrow and the UK flights seem to cluster around just a few gates. Since it is also not in Schengen, I had to go through Passkontrole this morning as well.  I received the usual strange look as the agent slides my passport, looks at the screen and then pages & pages & pages till he finds a place to stamp. Unlike the US, Germans like to stamp passports. I could write a whole essay on what countries do and don’t bother to stamp passports….

Where was I? Oh yes, drinking a latte or three after taking the early train to the airport. Since the Air-Rail terminal was open, I just dropped off my suitcase and had a nice stroll from there directly to security which could have been much worse considering everything.  The lounge is lovely and not terribly crowded. Unlike United, they offer a fairly wide range of edibles and drinkables without hidden charges.

Since I have my shiny new Miles & More card, I decided to check on my mileage.  Why was I not surprised to find that I still have not received credit for either my flight home in Feb from Calgary or my flight to Buenos Aires? Looks like I am going to have to spend hours going through papers, boxes and hard drives till I find copies of everything. I need those miles….  It is not like I haven’t supplied the etix, the booking number … the emails… but I haven’t given them baggage tags or boarding passes yet. Being a packrat might just be paying off.

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