Tenerife, Canaries

No exciting travelogue today, I am afraid. I just hiked around the city, ran a couple of errands followed by four hours of concentrated Internet @ El Corte Inglais. I would have purchased more than my Caffee con Leche but just wasn’t hungry. The connect speed wasn’t all that great but more than sufficient to update what I need for some presentations.

Side note: the other ship in port today is the MSC Sinfonia. She is a bit older as can be noted by the extensive collection of port hole cabins and balconies really limited to two decks. What she does have that is lovely are rear stairways and decks open to everyone. No aft cabins with balconies on this ship.

The reason I know this? In Nov 2007 this is the ship I boarded in Genoa for my very first transatlantic crossing. A friend and I abandoned our husbands and took off for 19 nights at a rate of under $50/day. The crossing ended in Buenos Aires. I returned home ~ 7 Dec to the surprise of orders to the UK.

So bringing back memories. It’s seven years and a lot of cruises and crossings later. I like my balconies and more than happy I can afford them. Now on to six sea days!


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