There are those who punch a time clock working shift after shift and after shift. Not particularly thrilled about what they are doing, but recognising that earning a living is a rather important part of life.

Then there are professionals who work in offices, firmss or on trade floors. Dressed in a completely different style, they are characterised by white coats or electronic equipment or high pressure jobs. Some of the people with whom my husband works resemble this style sitting at a desk with 4-16 monitors in front of them with various reports, tickers and materials from around the world in a constantly shifting array.

Finally we come to those who can, on some days work from home. They set up their computer in a convenient location and proceed to work through emails, documents and phone calls.

comfortable on the terrace

comfortable on the terrace

When the weather is lovely you can hear the birds in the background, feel the warm breeze and drink whatever you want while working. We will not discuss the fact that all of this can be a pain to the other family members, all cautioned not to make too much noise or be disruptive when using the dining room door.

If it all proves too stressful – there is the alternate method of taking conference calls.

on the phone - do not disturb

on the phone - do not disturb

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5 Responses to Tele-comuting

  1. Isknits says:

    Pretty cool.

  2. Ruth says:

    Hmmm…yes…that DOES look very stressful! LOL…Jim has often said he’d be willing to tele-commute to work…but somehow, with CT and MRI that has never gone well!

    I, on the other hand, work from home nearly all the time these days…a dining room DOES make a wonderful schoolroom…though I admit it CAN be a pain for the other family members. 🙂

  3. Bob says:

    Ahh, we think you’re finally getting the hang of this thing called “retirement.” Enjoy!

  4. Carmen says:

    So here I am telecommuting from Littleton. The physical commute would be a 3 day drive, hardly worth the gas, I would say.

  5. Pat says:

    I love this. Wish my office would allow me to telecommute …

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