I am @ sea not checking either blog or email as you read this. Photos are obviously an issue when posting remotely.

Other than Crystal (see interesting experience June 2013) I haven’t cruised on a ship that offered tea daily as a matter of routine. Celebrity holds one as a reward for their frequent cruisers once per voyage.

I take that back. Perhaps P&O did on the Artemis Norway trip Noah and I took in June 2010. I don’t think I would have paid attention. But then, I was living and working in the UK which did not lead to a fondness for all things English. Voyages of Discovery was fall 2009. Since George & I seemed to be so much younger than everyone else, I am not sure I would have voluntarily and deliberately submitted to more meals. Boring, well prepared and served food. Did I mention extremely boring.

Anyway – Princess offers tea from 1530-1615. Gloved waitstaff circulate with trays of small sandwiches; offerings of sweets, breads and biscuits. Real scones are on offer with jam (whip cream not clotted cream) and the tea is poured from silver pots into sturdy mugs.

It is actually quite lovely, not that I really need anything more to eat ….

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