Tarangire National Park

Day 4 (supposedly – I can’t count, but will use their numbers) – aka 12 July 2015.

We left Moraiva Coffee Lodge this morning split into three groups. All of us made a fast stop at a shopping center (for those who need an ATM) one of the cars was going to quickly run by Shanga while the other two headed to Tarangire Park.

The park lies west of Arusha. As the elevations drops we also shift from Chagga tribe to Massai. Their traditional houses are round

round houses, thatched roofs

round houses, thatched roofs

and we continually passed herds of goats and cattle with the occasional dromedary. Mostly boys doing the herding, traditional dress was more common than jeans.

Arriving at the park – we had lunch and were entertained by monkey thieves and numerous birds.

then headed into the park itself:

Map of the Park

Map of the Park

From here on – it is just pictures.

We left the park 1700 ~for Lake Burunge Tented Camp where we will spend the next two nights. And, we were delighted to find that prior information was wrong – there is wifi at the camp.

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