Take a break and

pass along more “stuff”

Instead of our usual knit meet at Red, one of the members offered to have us all over to her garden.

I think it wound up being about a dozen all told. What was important to me, besides spending time knitting with friends, was that I took along a couple bags of knit magazines and multiple batches of spinning fiber. Perhaps about 25% of the mags found a new home and 50% of the fiber so I was well pleased.

George and Noah made several runs to the charity shop this morning – to the tune of 9 large bags of clothing and craft supplies, a large basket of knitting needles and several pieces of furniture.

I had spent the morning sorting out the last few boxes in my studio and trying to make it look a bit better than you saw in the last photo..

See! My studio does have a floor after all!

See! My studio does have a floor after all!

and in case you were wondering where everything else went….

all those nice containers prepositioned in the garage

see, my studio does have a floor!

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  1. Cat says:

    Phew! I plan to do some clearing out here – not leaving all the current mess behind for others to deal with! You and Eleanor have made me aware that it needs to be done. Sigh.

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