Swing and Swagger

Coming late to the party, I am taking the plunge into modular knitting.

It was the arrival of that lovely book by Jane Slicer-Smith that pushed me over the edge. After having been a student in the 60s and 70s, I absolutely loathe granny-square type patterns. Kind of the following refrain – if you were old enough to wear it in the 70s you should know better than to wear it this time around.

End result is that I have just flipped by most of the mitered patterns as being either too like those times of 40 years ago or just too full of ends to weave it. Loose ends are even worse than granny squares.

Then over the last couple of years I have been seduced by garter garments designed by Hanne Falkenberg, Vivian Hoxbrø and Garn Studio. Mitered just seemed like the next thing to try. After all, if I can manage fairisle on 2.5 -3.0 mm needles I should be ale to manage garter with dk yarn.

(Shall I mention that I have all this lovely dk weight merino in my stash from Army-Navy closeout this past fall. Purchased at 50-70% off meaning I can manage a whole jacket completely out of stash?)

I am going for the Mitered Jacket in my favorite colors (red, grey, burgundy) which should not be a surprise to anyone.  Hold on, I knit a gauge swatch!

4.0 mm needle = 5"

before moving on to carefully read instructions.

(Yes I know, totally shocking and out of character, but who wants all those strange lengths of yarn that are going to happen if I have to do much frogging).

and it doesn't take much time to knit the first square

As it turns out, it really gets kind of addicting…

3 full, one half square

and it is back to more squares to go with Criminal Minds… or Kay Hoopers “Fear”  series in audio. Humm – too much FBI?

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One Response to Swing and Swagger

  1. AlisonH says:

    Granny squares and growing up in the ’60’s-’70’s. Yes. (Nodding head knowingly.)

    So you’ve taken the plunge into the mitred abyss. Let me know if you need rescuing.

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