Sweets (aka Deserts)


have a totally different meaning on this ship vs most of the rest. Perhaps the Brilliance which I think is currently ported out of Harwich has the same definition but I have avoided her since my only sailing on her in 2009. But if you are a Royal Caribbean ship ported in the UK, there is a kettle in the cabin so that you can make your own tea in the morning. Or open up your jar of instant coffee which a large number of English natives insist in bringing along so that they can have the proper translucent shade of liquid with the essence of coffee fragrance.


Ok, next to all of that being on a ship that can serve a decent fruit crumble or bread pudding might seem minor, but those are skills which don’t seem to be exercised on the other ships. I have had better for vanilla sauce but really, I don’t need all of that sugar. Not when I can enjoy a bit of complex carbohydrate complete with the right amount of sogginess and eggy taste to it.


It might even make up for having to walk by some of the most unappetizing dishes that also magically appear in the “British Corner.” I can ignore fish & chips. But there is Shepard’s Pie, Steak and Kidney Pie, Surprise Pie (no, I made that one up, but it reflects the idea of you can take what ever you have for leftovers and stuff them in a pie crust and call it food. Somewhat like the Chicken Pot Pie that was all too frequently a star on the school lunch menus where I grew up) and then this really vile looking stuff called mushy peas. Now really, what is really that green? And are they mushy so that they stick to the back of the fork better to speed up the process of stuffing them into one’s face. Not this person’s face. I leave mushed food for babies.


Now, you have to find the real British food over on the Asia table – Chicken Tikka!


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