Sunshine and Early Departure

The sun certainly came out of hiding this morning. The air crisp and clear. You think that the weather gods know that our ship sails at lunch time? What fun is overcast and rain when you don’t have tourists out to become wet and miserable ?

One of the other knitters and I made the hike to town. Besides the Icelandic hand knitters guild shop which was open we identified three other major locations for yarn (all of whom open at 1100 which means we stared through the window, took pictures and saved our money) and several minor. Seems like all the gift and souvenir stores are now carrying sport weight in about 15 colors just in case someone needs a yarn fix.

Since we had forced our way against the wind on our trip to Reykjavik we had that little bit of extra push to help along those last two kilometers back. And yes there was a city pay shuttle bus but really – better to walk along the harbor for a 9 km round trip to the far end then have to hit the treadmill tonight.

Time to knit?

Most certainly!

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