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Military stuff – new stuff. And, would you look at that – a new pair of Danners! Normally I would not bother with cold weather boots, but they had these beauties only in my size. Thanks to a kind person signing a memo for me, I only had to pick up two duffel bags of gear instead of four. Staying in Bagram, I don’t see that I am going to have a real need for digging either a foxhole or a latrine pit. Since I am not a rifleman (nor a Marine) or a rollerblader there were a number of other items which I also skipped. Still, this stuff is heavy. Really heavy, especially the body armor when all the plates are inserted.

Somethings I get to keep if I am in theater more than 30 days. Others I might/might not get to keep. Then there are those things which I must return (body armor, weapon, you get the idea). I have no clue as to why t-shirts and socks come back, perhaps the rules will change once again before I leave the theater.

Tomorrow I turn back into an officer since I have ACUs, boots, hats, t-shirts and socks. It should stop all the questions of why am I in the military line. My advice to anyone heading this way is to bring one uniform and boots – I had been told I really didn’t need anything…..

Humidity and Temperature

Blue Nose with the shawl in progress

Blue Nose with the shawl in progress

It has been relatively hot here in rural Georgia. The windows don’t really open well. That leaves me with the choice of noisy A/C or even louder fan. I do seem to be spending a lot of time turning things on and off. Ms Blue Nose has been enjoying the start of the second shawl.

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  1. Angeluna says:

    Wow Holly, all this looks serious. Would LOVE to see a picture of you all suited up. I imagine you as very small. Great boots.

    I will keep you and those around you in my thoughts until you are safely back to your family. Proud of you!!!

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