Stitch Markers

There is something so fun, so appealing about all those bright and shiny dangles. Over the last year, I have collected quite a few and thought briefly about making my own.

I have jewels,


dragon flies and Loons

dragon flies and Loons

and abstract objects.

And then there are those that I use on a daily basis. They are really simple. They are thin and they have no dangles. There is nothing to get caught in that row, the one below or the one below that. No struggling with a yo increase next to a marker.

I buy another batch every time I place an order with The Loopy Ewe


Finally got to the armhole and 17 rows past it. Two views (with and without flash)

27 March - 165 rows

27 March - 165 rows

172 Rows - 27 March 09

172 Rows - 27 March 09

Watching and listening

more CSI: Miami.
City of Fire – Ellis on audio.


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3 Responses to Stitch Markers

  1. Ruth says:

    Love the Normandy Cottage. I’ve been missing the “arches” feature here.

  2. nana says:

    broken record here, or atime loop,wait cant be, the phoenix grew.

    It keeps amazing me.

    I found some pre digital mystery film rolls while cleaning my stash and sorting and checking for m*th damage. Will have to bring them for developing next month.

  3. Melinda says:

    Nooo! Don’t show us the shinies! We like shinies, we are addicted to them and we frankly really just have enough of them. Don’t need any more temptation! :0)

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