Still clearing out

Seriously – take a look at your backup situation. Exactly how many CDs, hard drives, DvDs and Flash Drives do you have lying around with some of your precious data tucked within? For some of those items – do you have multiple copies? So many that you don’t have a clue which is the best one, and which are faded and tattered bare imitations of the data which is so precious? For others, you are going to be lucky if what you want isn’t stored on a 5 1/4″ floppy buried somewhere in the garage/basement/attic/store room.

Never mind that it was probably saved on a medium which you can’t read any longer since you have advanced operating systems since, oh lets say 1984, 1990 or 2002? I am not thinking about all those unaccessible email files on Eudora or those backups of years of professional drivel on Outlook. None of which are readable.

But they are all precious and can’t be discarded? Right?

I am leaving out all those CF, SD, mini-SDs that just might fit in a camera that died several years ago. Or all those battery chargers, cables, cords, keyboard from computers which have long gone to an electronic graveyard helping to grace the landfills.

Obviously, I am still working on consolidating backups fueled by a fair amount of coffee and some really spectacular nectarines.

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3 Responses to Still clearing out

  1. Steven Hirsch says:

    For me, it’s Zip drives. Heaven help me.

    • Holly says:

      I still have zip drives and the drive. What I don’t have anymore is a laptop or software drivers. Once I am full time in California, I am going to revive one of my old PC laptops just to get everything off of them and onto other media. Shouldn’t take more than 1-2 4 GIG thumb drives (grin)

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