Stavanger has money. It is not just the pristine new paving around the harbor or the fancy stores in the warren of rebuilt shops in the old part of the city. It is obvious in the dress of the people, the cars on the street and the prices.

Stavanger, you see, is the base port for the Norwegian North Sea Oil Industry.  In fact, there is a Petroleum Museum which I visited. Also of note is a Maritime Museum and a Canning Museum. Herring today are flash frozen and shipped to Poland for canning. Carbon foot print a bit bigger, but apparently this is a lot cheaper. Poland, as you remember, has ports on the Baltic and a population that works. The highest tower in town is the old fire watch tower which is now a museum.

This was a short day in port – arriving at 1100 and leaving again about 1530. An engine problem has the Artemis traveling a bit slower than usual. End result is few hours in port.

Yarn shopping did not happen – the main store in town closed early May for renovations and does not open again till 1 July. The other store turned out to be almost 6km out of the city center. Just a bit farther than I wanted to walk in the limited time on hand.

Rather than tons of large pictures, today you get gallery style – click on any to get a slightly larger version.

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