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Staten Island — 4 Comments

  1. YOU are ON ‘Stat-niland’? Humph…whereabouts.
    I grew up just across the Bayonne Bridge Most of the old farm markets are long gone as is one of the greatest ice cream factories…seudetto’s…, as well as the Bayonne ferry, the Brooklyn ferry (last to go, the Narrow’s bridge killed it)
    Problem these days is it costs almost the national debt to go on and off the island on a regular basis….
    We set an all time record yesterday…68 degrees. It’s currently about 62 but will be dropping.

    BTW, Staten Island is the name of the island, NOT the borough, it is RICHMOND….

  2. Another factoid that your listeners might find of interest is that Staten Island is connected to New Jersey by the Goethals Bridge and the Outerbridge Crossing, but the latter is not a geographical reference though the bridge is the outer bridge. It is actually named after its designer James Outerbridge. If the fathers had wanted to describe it in geographical terms, they would have had to call it the Outerbridge outerbridge crossing which is a mouthful. Or perhaps the outer Outerbridge Crossing. Or perhaps the outer Outerbridge Bridge crossing which I like because of the nominal alliteration

  3. Been there, done that. How well I also remember Governor’s Island, back when it was still home to Headquarters, 1st US Army. When I graduated from the court reporter school at Newport, Rhode Island, my first reporter position was with the OSJA, HQ, 1st US Army. If memory serves, this was 1965-1967 before my deployment to Vietnam in Dec ’67. Lots of living and memories from those old days.

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