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  1. New Years Eve? Hit the sack at 22.45hrs!
    Best wishes for 2011 – it must be good because the day is 1/1/11…

  2. Hope you are warm, well and safe!!

    As always, your daily notel was very interesting and really hit home

  3. I have a girl friend who takes her dog and goes to Arizona in the winters and we wish
    each other a goodnight by looking at the stars every night during our last dog
    walk, here and their.I have now added you to my star list!

  4. Well said, Holly.

    Reminds of the old nursery rhyme:

    I see the moon / And the moon sees me / The moon sees the somebody I’d like to see. / God bless the moon / and God bless me / God bless the somebody I’d like to see!

    Best wishes on a Happy New Year to you!

  5. After reading your latest email, I’m more than convinced of the poet in
    your soul… Such a beautiful style of expressing yourself and wonderful
    to receive. Ah! Stars…..

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