Star Alliance Lounge

And, in spite of the best effort of traffic, weather and obnoxious passengers I have made it to Heathrow T1, check-in and the lounge.

The weather was lovely this morning in Southampton – at least when I got off the ship and strolled over to the NationalExpress Station. As it turns out, there were several ships in port today – one of the Princess Line, one of the Queens, the Indy and perhaps an entry from Carnival/P&O/other. In any case, the terminal was packed and all the seats sold out on coaches early than the one I booked. Eliminating completely my chance to get out a few hours earlier than planned.

As I waited till my 1130 departure, the temperature started to drop. The clouds rolling in hinted of winds, wetness and an unpleasant cruise out of port of those who are boarding today. Finally, the bus rolled in and taught one of those fun life lessons in two movements – a) if you get on the bus early you get to pick a seat. With full bus when traveling alone you don’t get to pick your seatmate. b) first on means luggage gets unloaded last.

Enough said. I figured since the trip took almost 3 hours worth of extremely frustrating travel made dangerous by wind, rain and stupid drivers. Did I mention road construction? Mental note to self – carry luggage off ship as it is worth it in order to make an earlier bus. I really don’t like arriving at an airport with less than two hours till flight time. Not with check-in and the excitement of security still to go.

Since I am obviously on line you may correctly assume that I safely managed all gates and arrived at a safe and secure location that has both electric outlets and free Wifi.

Flight in a short while, then sleep on the plane and just a train left to catch on the far end. You may be then astonished to learn that I am off the seas for over 60 days….

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