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  1. You get to eat chocolate covered strawberries while I get to do exciting things like order a new toner cartridge…I rewarded myself by starting the new shawl for Prudence – but it is a bit warm to be knitting possum/merino. I may revert to the linen/silk instead.

  2. Holly so please to hear you are totally chilled out .

    We were in St Kits last trip ,if I remember I didn’t get of the ship .
    I so love the ship when you have it practical all to your self,and as far as I can remember we are in St Kits this trip as well . I think the older I am getting I like my own company.

    • Yes, Having the lounge to myself for hours, complete with coffee machine and no background music is just about as good as it gets.

  3. Wow, is that black with wee bits of something white or similar, or just photo vargaries?
    Either way it looks like a strong light in daytime only project.

    • Actually midnight blue mostly with a bit of silver sparkle. Metal needles for contrast and good light a must!

  4. I just stay away from bars in general. I will say I bought a ton of jewelry from street carts in San Francisco, but I already did beading at the time, and knew that the assembled jewelry was cheaper than if I made it myself buying the beads back home. They must have had a really good source of stone beads.

    Chocolate covered strawberries! I even eat the green parts.

    • my problem with most is that the only jewelry I wear is earrings, and I really don’t want anything too heavy

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