Spice Plantation

None of us were sure what we expected, but the words “plantation” brought to mind historical thoughts complete with buildings, gardens and organization.

Nothing could be further from the truth. For several hours we wandered along twisting paths while learning about the various fruits and spices grown here. The plantings are totally and completely mixed. No neat rows, markers or signs of cultivations. Rather, mixed vegetation and a surprising lack of insects. We were handed various crushed leaves to smell and identify, were able to see and taste various herbs and spices in different stages of development and in general had a great time.

(and once again pictures will follow……

but for a starter we saw
coconuts, turmeric plants, star fruit, something that looked like a lemon but wasn’t, cardamon, jack fruit, bread fruit, nutmeg, mace, vanilla beans, pineapple, banana, cacao, casava, sweet potato, peppercorns, coffee, cinnamon, cinnabar, cloves, ginger, lemon grass, ylang-ylang …..

lunch back at Fumba Beach Lodge was lovely as usual.  Since none of us had signed up for any of the planned optional excursions and a sunset cruise was out of the question (both we had been on the water yesterday and the tide was going to be low to the point of wading in the water to the point of soaked in order to reach the boat) in stead we took a wander through the local countryside and villages lead by one of the gardeners from the Lodge.

Much better than a planned excursion and formal presentation – this was just a look without expectations. We did wonder at what everyone thought with this group of white folks walking past but tourism is the major local employer and we were not taking pictures without permission….

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