stands for Space-required. Unlike downrange (or when one retires) when one flys Space-A (Available).

In the former case, it means that the Air Force is obligated to find me a seat sooner or later. And the Army is probably going to have to pay for that seat.

In the later, it means that the burden of getting somewhere is on me, and it will take however many days it takes (and, in some cases, can you spell …. never?)

Ramstein PAX terminal has a DVQ lounge, so at least I have been able to hook up my netbook to a LAN line and download a few things.

Flight goes out in a while, KC135. Never have flown on one of those before. The bad thing is, I know it is headed down range because there is the need for a CCAT mission…

More tomorrow when I am back to what passes for normalacy in my deployed world.

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4 Responses to Space-R

  1. Steve says:

    Holly, any chance they’ll let you look out of the tail boom and take a few pix while tanking up a bird? From what I’ve heard, that’s worth putting up with all the inconvenience.
    On the flip side (sorry…need to tease you), that plane is probably almost as old as we are… Take a look at the first two digits of the side number and it’ll tell you what year the bird was born if I remember right. So, if it says 56-12345, it is a 1956 model, etc. Of course, when we see something that old at an airshow, we typically ask the crew just where they mounted the hood ornament…or who walked off with it. One of our crew even had the balls to ask the refueling person how he liked riding in the rumble seat. Everyone within earshow of our generation started laughing, poor Sgt had to have ‘rumble seat’ translated for him by a bunch of OLD FARTS…as he was only 30 and had never heard the term. He agreed…YES, it definately was a rumble seat.

  2. Carmen says:

    Safe travels.

  3. Bob says:

    From our flyboys here at Robins AFB the KC-135 was built for primary use as a tanker. Since fuel doesn’t require all the comforts and privileges of passengers, it’s said to be a little noisier and colder than the usual jetliner. I’m sure you found that out.

  4. Mary says:

    Hope the flight was smooth & uneventful.

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