Southampton –

second verse was same as the first. Shall we just leave the reboarding progress at “even worse than Rotterdam” and move on to other subjects?  The smart people just checked everything, went into town and came back after 1500. I, foolishly enough, finished up all my errands and headed back to the ship about 1400 to total chaos.  Seems that they forgot to plan for all the Rotterdam boarding passengers needing to reboard the ship…

At one end of the pedestrian zone you can walk around or thru this arch which amazingly appears more functional on the back side.

facing High Stree

facing High Stree

the side toward the original High Stree

the side toward the original High Stree

Continuing down the street I remembered seeing this church tower the last time I was here. It was never rebuilt after a devastating fire in  7 Nov 1837 cost the parish it’s church and the lives of 22 men who attempted to battle the blaze.

There are other churches in town. One a block away seems to be about the same era. One wonders if it was the loss of life that stopped the rebuild? But the sobering thoughts left me thinking about expectations.

Yes, I can live with the disorganization of the ship. It seems like such a small thing in comparison.

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