Sockyarn in another use

really doesn’t look much like sock yarn anymore.

On one of my blast through Germany trips I picked up two balls of this lovely yarn with the intention of knitting something other than socks. In fact, I have to think hard about the last time that I knit a pair of socks. It might be months.

Anyway, Twinings is published by Knitspot (same lovely woman who produced the Ostrich Plumes I showed you a few days ago).



There are a couple of really wonderful features to this pattern. The first is that the edging is knit as you go, eliminating the insanity of not knowing if you have enough yarn left to finish the shawl. The second is that it can be knit in two halfs and grafted in the middle so that the pattern balances. Some of us consider just knitting the pattern in reverse (which can be done since all the body rows have the same number of stitches). Lastly, the pattern repeat is simple enough to remember (most of the time).

Like it?

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One Response to Sockyarn in another use

  1. Teyani says:

    I love twinings! I made one of these for my Mom last October (you can see it in my blog archives) –
    Yours will be beautiful in that yarn.

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