Socks — 7 Comments

  1. It’s the little things in life!!!

    How awful to imagine turning in unmentionables to Afghani/Pakistani laundry guys. With their culture, wonder how they deal with it from their end. Do they touch it only with their left hands?

  2. At least at turn in – they don’t touch any garment at all. I am not sure about the laundry facility itself, but I suspect gloves.

  3. A solution to this would be to buy all the same colour socks! That way, no problem…no matter what two pair you pull out of the drawer and when, they would always match.

    I bought black socks like that, then came home to find they had different coloured toes. Do I care? Nope…unless I take off my shoes, who’s going to know.

  4. I think we are here to just keep learning and keep doing until we don’t have any more time left.

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