So here I am

at SFO in the United Lounge. So goes the year the same way it starts? Not flying United however, I am on Swiss this time and off to a non auspicious start. First, I must have left my ID card on the bed at home (meaning Heidelberg) which meant I was unable to use the USO Lounge. This mattered because my flight so far is already known to be 70 minutes delayed.

Swiss, not being completely foolish, then proceeds to open the check-in desk at 1615 rather than 1525. I suppose I should be thrilled that they didn’t delay any further than that. Suitcase was a heavy 17 kg which must be related to my two new pairs of shoes and a goodly quantity of yarn and magnets. Business class was fairly empty so they were offering upgrades at a reasonable price. I can only hope that no one with a screaming kid takes them up on the offer. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the same offer for first class…… I have always wanted to do that but am totally and completely unwilling to spend that kind of money on a flight. You know how many cruise days I could get for that kind of money?

The lounge is provided by United. I am simply grateful that they have a decaf setting on the coffee machine so that I can help myself with impunity. Baby carrots, crackers and single wrapped cheese chunks round out the available snacks. Obviously, United is cheap.

The phone and the iPad are charged. Knitting is organized. Now all I have to do is survive the slight, make my connection in Zurich and catch the train to Civitavecchia. Nine hours – I can manage nine hours times zone change, can’t I?

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